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RIBA CPD Providers Network Roadshows 2015

RIBA CPD Providers Network logoRIBA CPD Roadshow events afford a great opportunity to RIBA CPD Providers Network subscribers to reach a large audience of regional architects and construction professionals, by presenting RIBA approved CPD material face to face.

The RIBA CPD Roadshows provide an opportunity for Network Providers’ CPD to be accessed by a much larger audience than would be possible when visiting practices individually. The average regional event attendance over 2014 was 42 delegates, whilst for London Roadshows it was 163 delegates. Every delegate will have registered to listen to seminars throughout the day, so they actively want to listen to Providers.

To widen audiences even further, we highly recommend that Network Providers deliver fresh recently approved CPD material. You may book your slots now, and refresh or revise your CPD material later, or even present a new RIBA approved seminar, provided that you have informed us a minimum of 12 weeks before the event.


CPD Roadshow

Format for the day

There are 5 parallel sessions throughout a Roadshow day, with 4 slots in each session in London and 2 slots in each session at regional locations. At each regional Roadshow events there are therefore ten slots available over two rooms. There are 20 slots available at London Roadshows over 4 rooms.

All Provider participants are able to have pre-allocated exhibition space at the venue. This space will be positioned to capture the attention of all delegates attending, including those attending other sessions.

  • Extensive direct marketing of the Roadshows to architects and other construction professionals by RIBA and RIBA Enterprises.
  • Online presence and links on architecture.com and ribacpd.com for further promotion.
  • Seminar audience of architects and other construction professionals who have specifically registered to attend your presentation.
  • Opportunity to raise your profile and educate an influential audience about your products and services.
  • Banner ads on variety of RIBA Enterprises websites promoting Roadshows and registration.
  • Pre-allocated exhibition space.
  • Two sets of contact delegate data (pre-registration data and actual attendees data - subject to Data Protection Act).
  • Networking opportunities throughout the day, during refreshment and lunch breaks which are also included.
Book available slots

The 2015 RIBA CPD Roadshow slots are now sold out.


For full terms and conditions, click here.

This offer is open to Providers with RIBA approved CPD material and is by invitation on a first-come first-served basis. Don't miss out!

Last updated July 2015

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