RIBA CPD With around 4,400 RIBA architects working abroad, and another 78% of architects working for small practices with five or less professional staff, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get to see them all.

RIBA Online CPD gives you a unique opportunity to get your RIBA Approved CPD seen by more architects and reach a wider audience than before.

RIBA Online CPD enables you to get your RIBA Approved CPD Material to architects so they can access it at their convenience. It will be available to them in a familiar standard format which they can access all day, any day, as and when they require the information.

How does it work?

Your online CPD originates from a PowerPoint presentation that has been RIBA Approved which is converted into an online platform using Windows Media Streaming thus enabling you to have your presentation hosted on the website. It will be produced to a standard layout and can be accompanied by a voiceover, animation and video clips. A questionnaire is included at the end of each presentation for the viewer. We send a certificate by email to the viewer on successful completion of the questionnaire, and pass on details of opted-in viewers back to you.

RIBA Online CPD - Features
Tarmac Limited seminar on RIBA Online CPD
  • Presentations need to be supplied in PowerPoint format with a script and timings
  • Easy booking functionality to generate CPD booking requests for your material
  • Videos in Buto.tv are compatible with smartphones and tablet PCs to watch on the move
  • Sharing of company profiles containing all CPD information via company-specific URLs
  • Increase video exposure via syndicate feature so CPD Providers can display videos on their own websites
  • It can also be used as a preview for those attending a face-to-face seminar, so they know what to expect
  • It can be used for in-house training of new staff.
Benefits at a glance
  • Greater reach – more convenient for the specifier
  • More cost-effective – you do not need to provide staff, a venue or lunch
  • Harnessing technology – projecting an innovative image for your organisation
  • Flexibility – can be updated and released as and when needed.

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