RIBA Product Selector

RIBA Product Selector


RIBA Product Selector 2014RIBA Product Selector is the comprehensive building product directory for UK construction industry professionals. The newly updated 2014 edition is available in one volume – including the CPD Directory – and has been designed for quick, easy referencing.

Around 18,000 copies are requested every year from key UK specifiers including architects, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, interior designers, engineers, developers, contractors and the health, education and public housing sectors.

We have included a section on environmentally friendly products since 1998 which was substantially increased and improved between 2006-2009, when we also included references to the BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems scheme.

RIBA Product Selector - Features
RIBA Product Selector paid listing 2014 RIBA Product Selector includes approximately:
  • Over 25,000 trade names
  • Over 10,000 company listings
  • Approximately 1,000 advisory organisations
  • Over 550 RIBA accredited CPD Providers
  • Subscribers are assigned an RPS number which can be used on ribaproductselector.com and in Google to quickly locate companies
  • Your Technical Page is designed on a standard template to BS 4940 including text and images.
Benefits at a glance
  • Increase the chances of getting your products specified for projects by being part of their primary reference directory
  • Get your technical page written by our expert technical authors who also provide proofing in our standard format
  • Technical pages have a much higher chance of being specified than Free Listing
  • Inclusion on ribaproductselector.com used by thousands of visitors per month
  • Take advantage of multiple flexible advertising options such as premium placements, double page spreads, full page adverts and additional new pages.

For further information or to arrange to speak to your Area Sales Manager regarding marketing opportunities:

If you would like to include a free listing of your company and product details in our directory enabling you to be seen by your potential customers, please complete a short registration form.


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