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NBS National BIM Library updates

Latest updates in NBS' ongoing programme of improvements to the NBS National BIM Library include a number of customer and end-user-driven changes.

Amongst these are a revised 'generic objects' landing page, and a new layout structure for categories landing pages. A lot of effort has been invested by NBS in generic objects, which other BIM libraries don't provide. This is in response to research that demonstrates just how much specifiers value these early on in a project. Once they have come to NBS National BIM Library for a generic object, they are more likely to return and select a manufacturer object for their model. The new generic objects landing page is linked to from the 'Find BIM object' drop-down menu, which will help users to locate generic objects far more easily.

A new landing page layout for categories replaces the old style standard search results pages. This provides the end-user with a 'sense of arrival' and reinforces the message that they are on the correct page, while also mirroring other website's search functions.

Other changes to the website have been designed to simplify navigation and make viewing the NBS National BIM Library on smartphone and tablet more user-friendly, all of which should encourage more visits and, ultimately, more downloads of manufacturer objects. In addition:

  • The My Library and Bundle functions, available to users who have signed up for a free account, will now to visible to all everyone visiting the homepage. Those without an account will be prompted to create one. The My Library and Bundle features are highly valued by users of the website.
  • Similarly, the Star and Bundle features on search results pages are now viewable to all users and again, those who haven't got an account will be prompted to create one.
  • The search box now allows users to search within a category by selecting the drop down arrow - offering a quicker route to locating BIM objects.

The NBS National BIM Library remains the fastest-growing BIM library in the UK, with an extensive free-to-use collection of generic and manufacturer BIM objects, ranging from building fabric systems to mechanical and electrical objects. All featured objects meet the requirements of the internationally-recognised NBS BIM Object Standard.

Find out how the NBS National BIM Library can help your business.


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