Market research

Market research

Strategic market research service for manufacturers

NBS Research provides strategic, bespoke research for construction manufacturers and suppliers to help you better understand your customers, refine your products, and review your branding and positioning. The research is carried out by the NBS Research Team, which has a proven track record within the construction industry.

What makes us different?
  • Our unrivalled knowledge of design, specification and product selection, and how this is changing in the light of industry developments such as BIM
  • Our experience and track record of producing high quality research within the construction sector
  • The wide range of expertise at our fingertips including technical information specialists such as architects, surveyors and engineers.
Benefits at a glance
  • Better understand how your products are chosen by designers and contractors
  • Learn how best to refine your existing products to meet market need
  • Review your branding and positioning
  • Refine your communications so that your messages reach the right audience
  • Find out how new technologies are affecting the design and maintenance of buildings and what this means for product selection.
What we can offer
  • Desk research of secondary data such as competitor analysis, market size and structure
  • Website assessments and web analysis
  • Quantitative surveys to provide a sound statistical base for your research
  • In-depth qualitative research such as focus groups or interviews.

All projects are carried out independently to Market Research Society (MRS) standards.

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