Case studies and articles

These case studies show how and why manufacturers are choosing to host their objects on the NBS National BIM Library.

NBS National BIM Library

Through BIM the construction industry is undergoing its very own digital revolution. Tools are developing rapidly, processes are changing and this will all lead to better value for money and better buildings. Software technology will take care of itself but effort needs to be placed on the all-important 'I' in BIM. Without well organized, comprehensive and connected content the opportunities available with BIM will not be achieved.

Kingspan Insulation: BIM made easy
Kingspan Insulation: BIM made easy

Hannah Etheridge, Technical Project Leader at Kingspan, explains the process by which the company created BIM objects for its products.

Renson: How CPD marketing helps us

Renson produces a wide range of ventilation, sun protection, outdoor and interior products, including Argenta interior door solutions and Albo letterboxes.

RENOLIT: Why they chose NBS Plus and

RENOLIT manufactures high-quality plastic films and waterproofing products. Its Alkor brand of synthetic waterproofing membranes is a European market leader. Find out why they chose to use NBS Plus and

Harlequin Floors: A construction industry manufacturer BIM case study
Harlequin Floors

Specialist dance floors are a niche market but for those who use them they are a vital part of the space they work in. With public sector-funded projects an important part of its business, Harlequin Floors saw BIM as vital in its appeal to specifiers.

Celotex: A construction industry manufacturer BIM case study

Celotex is the UK's leading manufacturer of high performance polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation, and the first to launch its entire product range as BIM objects. In this case study, the company explains how and why it did so.

Kingspan Insulation: CPA BIM article

Following the 2012 National BIM survey, the NBS predicted that the adoption of BIM would rise from 13% in 2010 to over 50% in 2012. 78% of those that completed the survey thought that BIM was the "future of product information". However, whilst it is undeniable that interest in BIM is intensifying, it seems that our understanding of BIM still has some way to go - four out of five of those that completed the survey felt that the construction industry is still not clear as to what BIM actually is. With this in mind, it was imperative that Kingspan Insulation researched BIM as extensively as possible before committing to any particular BIM library or software format.

Twyford Bathrooms: Specmaster Case Study
TwyfordWhen Twyford Bathrooms wanted to create an innovative online specification tool based on the content of their well-respected Specification Manual of products, they came to discuss this with NBS. In this case study Stephen Hamil, Director of Design and Innovation at NBS, looks back at the project and tells the story.

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