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What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) combines 3D models with data-rich information. BIM objects combine performance, acoustics, fire rating and many other parameters with physical geometric attributes in a digital format. This makes collaboration among construction professionals much easier as use of BIM can streamline numerous project functions.

The UK Government’s Construction Strategy states that BIM will become a key part of the Government's procurement of public buildings, and from 2016 BIM will be mandatory on all public sector contracts. Creating your own products as digital BIM Objects will ensure your business doesn’t fall behind.

NBS National BIM Library

The only BIM object library which links directly to the market-leading NBS specification software

The award-winning* NBS National BIM Library hosts thousands of generic and manufacturers’ BIM objects which specifiers can place directly in their BIM design projects free of charge.

  • Specifiers can search for and select your BIM objects, and then drop them directly into their design model through one of our integrated free software tools.
  • Over 600,000 objects have already been downloaded from since its launch in May 2013.
  • No other BIM library can put the manufacturer directly in front of construction professionals at the very point they are creating specifications.
  • As our services are uniquely interlinked and work together, this puts your BIM objects in front of specifiers throughout the whole design process.
  • Your products can be instantly available within both the specification and the design model if you also subscribe to NBS Plus. This reduces the risk of product substitution.
Authoring Service

Your objects will be authored by our team of experts with high quality information to meet the new NBS BIM Object Standard.

Certification and Hosting Service

If you have already created your own BIM objects you can still include them on by subscribing to our certification and hosting service. We will assess your objects to ensure that they meet the NBS BIM Object Standard and make recommendations for any updates required. As soon as your objects comply with the Standard, they can be hosted on the website.

→ resources to help you create BIM objects

Watch the NBS National BIM Library video:

NBS BIM Object Standard

The new NBS BIM Object Standard has been created to provide consistency to all BIM objects and has been welcomed by professionals across the construction industry. Choose NBS and your objects will be authored to meet the NBS BIM Object Standard, and maintained and updated at no extra cost to meet any future revisions of that standard.

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NBS BIM Toolkit

The NBS BIM Toolkit is a free-to-use online tool to help the UK construction industry work to Level 2 BIM. As a subscriber to the NBS National BIM Library your BIM objects will be integrated into the Toolkit where they can be accessed by thousands of specifiers working on BIM projects.

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71% of designers need manufacturers to provide them with BIM objects NBS National BIM Report 2016

→ NBS National BIM Report for Manufacturers 2016 (PDF: 4MB)

Further information

To find out more about how to convert your products to BIM objects using the NBS authoring service, our certification ad hosting service, or the NBS BIM Toolkit:

* Voted BIM Initiative of the Year in the 2013, Construction News Awards

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